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85072/90008 HI-VIS Zip fronted police style vest HG1/KR1/SP1

85072/90008 HI-VIS Zip fronted police style vest HG1/KR1/SP1

Dress it up - over shirt & tie for a smart, authoritative look. Dress it down - over a casual-shirt.

Multiple adjustment points, offering superb comfort levels.

Heat management system - maximizes airflow, draws sweat & moisture away from the body.

Belt loops – use to ensure comfortable weight distribution around the body.


This armour type covers Ballistic,Stab,Spike and Hypodermic.


This armour type is HG1/KR1/SP1 and is tested at a performance level of 24 Joules of energy. 

HG1 - Low Handgun: Protection against standard ammunition fired from short- barrelled handguns. 


Please see the Protection Leve page for more infomation. 


Details of the Carrier:

 Flapped bellows pockets

 Front Zip with Zip Guard 

Velcro Closing Epps 

Radio loops to each lower shoulder 

Belt Loops 

Zip Shouulders 

Popper fastening back Flap 





Front panel length

CF neck to hem 


Front Panel length



Across Front

24cm down from SNP


Front Panel width

10cm up fromhem


Shoulder Length 

Along Seam

Back Panel at hem 64.569.5758085
back neck drop 88888
Back Neck Width 24.525.526.52829.5
Back length CB neck to hem 474750.550.554


All measurements are in Cms 

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